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Molly’s No-Bake Peanut Butter Canna-Bites

I pride myself on being a fairly waste-not-want-not person.  I like to reuse, regrow, repurpose, or redistribute any time I can.  After many months’ batches of Cannabis oil, I had quite a collection of little balls of cheesecloth filled with oily plant material.  Each had a different shade based on leaf to bud content or… View Article

Cannabidiol~ Nature’s Anti-Anxiety

  A dog barks three blocks away and Sarah suddenly wakes.  Like bubbles rising slowly up the side of a glass of pop, her consciousness comes to.  Within seconds she remembers that tomorrow is a work day and the tsunami begins.  In a rush it starts below her stomach and up into her heart–it feels… View Article

DIY Cannabis Skin Cream~ Enemy to Skin Inflammation

  The numbing power of THC has been a part of my skin care arsenal for a few years now.  It’s incredible how quickly this cream relieves the sting of painful cuts and the ache of sore muscles.  For many of us our emotions are linked to the health of our skin.  Stress or emotional… View Article

Coconut-Cannabis Alchemy~ Apartment Style!

**** the oil from this process was fairly weak.  If you have been ingesting Cannabis or oil made with it for a while, you may want to increase the amount of product used.  If you are a brand new user or are planning on feeding this to your pet, this recipe is a safe place… View Article

Barb’s Crunchy Canna-Yogurt Parfait

Good memories of active lives are what many a senior can boast. But physical activity catches up to us and the wear and tear on our joints is a major draw-back to this aging thing! We ache when we move, we ache when we don’t move. And the pills they prescribe only do so much…. View Article

Exclusive Extracts

No other industry in North America has undergone as much change in the past five years as cannabis production and distribution and the company Exclusive Extracts has played a key role in its evolution. In fact, Exclusive Extracts is now one of Canada’s leading extract companies that is renowned for its shatter products and concentrates…. View Article

History of Purely Medicinal

Purely Medicinal is one of the top names in the cannabis industry, supplying Canadian-made, medicinal cannabis products. Recognized by the 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards as the winner of the Top Oral Extracts Producer Award in 2015, Purely Medicinal is committed to raising Canadian industry standards in medicinal cannabis products. The company was founded in Nanaimo,… View Article

White Widow Popularity

Anyone who’s lounged in an Amsterdam café or watched the American TV show Weeds will have heard of White Widow. This classic is one of the world’s most famous cannabis hybrids and there are some excellent reasons why. First bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s as a cross between a Brazilian sativa and South… View Article

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a completely herbal and natural product made from flowers and leaves extracted from the hemp plant. There are no known side effects of CBD oil. The oil can be used as a medication or dietary supplement which many people can benefit from. What is the difference between the CBD oil and THC… View Article


When talking about the effects of weed in the world of medical marijuana these abbreviations come up a lot: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). These terms are the names for the most well-known cannabinoids that are found in marijuana strains. THC and CBD have the same chemical composition but the atoms are just arranged just… View Article

The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

In the early 2000’s after medical marijuana became legal in Canada for medical use, a handful of products came on the market called synthetic weed and claimed that they would legally simulate the high from real marijuana. However after several years the Canadian government started to provide warnings and start investigations into these fake weed… View Article

Buy Weed in Canada

In Canada, medical marijuana has been legal since 2013 when Health Canada introduced the “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations” ( This legislation, which contains a defined set of rules to possess, grow and consume marijuana for medical uses, has the foundation for the first step towards marijuana legalization on a recreational basis like tobacco or… View Article